Rhine in Flames Tour

Tour organised by BN European Tours

In August 2018 we went on our first European Tour on the R1200RT. In order to take away some of the stress of travelling in a strange land where they drive 'on the wrong side' we decided to go on an organised tour so we didn't have to worry about navigating. We chose a company called BN European Tours, run by John & Jen Eggleton, and thoroughly recommend them to anyone thinking of embarking on their first European trip. The 'second man drop-off' system they use ensures everyone can ride at their own pace, and nobody gets lost - another big plus is the fact that they take your luggage in their van so you are not riding with the bike fully laden when tackling those lovely sweeping curves and hairpin bends.

The videos below are a record of this memorable trip…..

Day 1 - Calais to the Ardennes
Day 2 - From the Ardennes to Boppard
Day 3 - Photos of Rudesheim and boat trip back to Boppard
Day 4 - Photos of Boppard and videos of the fireworks from a tour boat.
Day 5 - Boppard to Monschau. The best roads on the tour.
Day 6 - From Monschau to Bruges in the rain.